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A Perfect Hunt Day

What makes a perfect hunt day?  

For me - a perfect hunt day includes:

The anticipation of hearing the hounds get on. Yesterday, we heard them working in the swamp- a chirp here and a chirp there. 

The huntsman working with them to get them to the right spot. Yesterday, the hounds backtracked through the swamp but Joseph brought them back out to the hill and took them up toward the silver gate where they started working hard. 

The hounds getting on the scent and going into full cry. Yesterday they went into full cry (and with some trepidation because there were a lot of deer in the area and a lot of puppies out).  But when the deer went one way and our hounds stayed on a completely different line, we knew they were correct!

A view of the quarry - Yesterday, we  Tally Ho! 'd a lovely red coyote.  With wonderful voice accompanying- confirming just how right our hounds were!

Later on, another view of a different (I think) coyote - Yesterday  we could hear the hounds moving the game so the field looked across the swamp to see the coyote cross the "armadillo" field with hounds streaming behind.  I think everyone was able to see this!

A long run on our excellent hunt horses to catch up with hounds - Yesterday, from where we viewed, we had to go back along the swamp across Beaver Dam and then back through the fields to Old Chalkbed. We ended up at North Fork where hounds were fortunately stopped before they could cross the river! 

And another run - Yesterday, after the hack back from North Fork, we followed Joseph to where he put the hounds in the swamp near Beaver Dam - and they were already speaking. We had a great run as they moved the quarry toward the chicken house trail. 

Another view for the remaining field.  Yesterday, we then ran up to the chain link, turned down the trail and a coyote ran about 10 yards in front of us!!  Big healthy, bushy one!

A moment of stillness - Yesterday, the hounds moved with that coyote up toward Kirkland but fortunately turned. The remaining field, all new members,  stayed as still as statues- no movement, no talk -  for at least 5 minutes.  You could hear birds singing, branches rubbing.... and then in the distance coming directly toward us the hounds in full cry! Every distinct voice adding to the crescendo as they got closer and closer! 

Galloping along side hounds in full cry - yesterday, we got to hear the hounds chasing the quarry, singing and moving through the swamp as we galloped along to keep up.  This may be my favorite moment of any hunt!

Ending the day with almost all of the pack of wonderful, tired hounds together, leaving the quarry for another day. 

Yesterday was a perfect day of hunting! 


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